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Advertising for Home Builders

A successful advertising and marketing campaign is the key to expanding sales and generating revenue for your company. Builder², a Dallas advertising agency, understands cluttered markets and can help you deliver powerful marketing messages with our unique advertising approach, dubbed Extra Strength Advertising. What makes our advertising and marketing services unique is our strict focus on brand development and brand identity. The brand and identity strategies we utilize are used in web site design, logo identity packages and all other advertising and marketing materials.



Extra Strength Advertising


With the state of the market today, you need extra strength in every message and for every element of your brand. Builder² has arrived and is revolutionizing the home building industry. With messages that shout from the printed page and branding campaigns designed to maximize exposure, you'll get results. Every day you guide your sales associates to represent, maintain and mold themselves to your corporate image. Your media efforts should do the same. As a full service marketing and advertising agency, we are experts in helping builders design, implement and maintain a distinctive branding campaign that pushes for the competitive edge. If you want high-powered results and great ROI reach for extra strength with Builder²

Clean, Targeted, Expertly Executed

Powerful print and digital media enhance your company's brand message and marketing efforts. From witty to sophisticated, whimsical to formal, we can capture your corporate personality with a single message or an entire well rounded campaign. Signage, brochures, sales kits and messaging, whatever your immediate needs, Builder² will capture your buyers attention and lock into their memory leaving an indelible credibility to your brand.  



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Builder² creates solution for home builders and master planned communities.
Our blueprint for success is simple. When our clients succeed, we succeed.

    We take time to discuss your needs with you, in depth. Develop a task overview of the project. Establish a time line and a time frame for the project to be implemented within your budget.


    We will examine and evaluate your strengths and weaknesses as well as those of your competitors. Based on your goals and your market position we determine the mediums that will best deliver the desired results.


    Design work for composites. Gain approval of the design work. Fullfillment of project through completion. Implement thorough Quality Control of project. 


    Produce deliverables for project. Carry out media placement if necessary.


    Research the market trend analysis for our client. Follow-up with a success measurement. Present a detailed report, documenting our analysis results.