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Name Development

The right name imparts it’s own power.

The right name positions you in the marketplace with precision and clarity. It is central to your ability to achieve market infiltration, acceptance by your target audience and continuous sales.

How difficult is it to find the right corporate name? VERY. Like all critical creative endeavors, name development requires solid research, assessment, market-savvy, and strategic thinking for full impact.

Builder² will

  • Analyze and document your needs, goals and objectives
  • Research your local competitors
  • Document and submit a name strategy document
  • Brainstorm names and create a list of possibilities
  • Check names for trademark and web site availability
  • Test names for psychological and cultural impact

We develop names that are

  • Immediate, dynamic and rich with power
  • Clearly impart what your product line
  • Lock-in your target audience with precision and intensity for rapid acceptance and retention
  • Precisely reflect your product/service/business